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August 2019 – There are many amazing Soca and Carnival events throughout the world. From the colors of the fantastic masquerade outfits to the sound of the characteristic musical rhythms, these experiences can be truly magical and life-changing. However, keeping track of all the best ones can be challenging. With, you can get all the updates, information, and event details in one place.

While there are some event directories out there, there is no platform that’s primarily focused on Soca events only. With this our goal is to unite the Soca community with this resource to make it easier for them to connect with the latest Soca and Carnival events. has launched a new revamped design and enhanced user experience. Fetesoca was built with the people of Soca in mind, and the whole concept is really a stunning celebration of the community culture, which often drives these historical and inspiring carnival events. Carnivals and Soca events are indeed well-rooted celebrations in Soca culture, and it is not surprising that people travel from all corners of the world just to be able to witness such a magnetic, unforgettable atmosphere. Today, finally enables people to find more event information, book tickets to events, and get organized more seamlessly, so they don’t have to bounce back and forth or rely on outdated methods to stay up to date on the latest Soca events.

No longer waste countless hours and rely on poorly designed information when looking for details on your favorite Soca events. With this platform, you can access the features you need, whenever you need them. Like some of the most rewarding ideas out there, was born out of necessity. The founders of the platform was traveling to Carnivals around the world and was frustrated to find it so difficult to find online information about local Soca events. They set out to create a platform that would fulfill the need for a one-spot source of information in the Soca industry. was created by a team that’s genuinely passionate about Caribbean culture. This innovative platform is not just a place where people can find information. Users can also buy tickets, share their experiences, as well as connect with promoters and like-minded individuals.

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