Trinidad Carnival 2020 is less than 30 days away, and at this point, it’s just about the only thing on your mind. You’ve booked your flights, secured a place to stay, your costume and fete tickets, you’ve even started packing. You’re ready for Carnival! …. or so you think. We’ve prepared this list to help you guide you through it all, here’s your Trinidad Carnival 2020 Checklist!

After all the tedious planning, this one trip you absolutely DON’T want to be unprepared for. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few things you just might want to pack to make sure you’re ready for di road.

Road Essentials

Insoles: If there is one day of the year you want to give your feet a lil extra love and support, it’s Carnival Tuesday! Pack a good pair of insoles (or two), so your feet don’t finish fetting before you. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did.

Pasties: Because, lets face it, wardrobe malfunctions happen. Pasties will keep your goods covered, even if your costume decides not to. Paper tape is a good alternative as well.

SSS (Scissors + Sewing Kit + Safey Pins) – You might not be the craftiest of the bunch, but odds are, someone in your crew just might be. This set of essentials may come in handy for last minute custom designs to your Jouvert t-shirt/outfit, wardrobe malfunctions, and costume repairs.

Glue: Just in case a gem or two decides to depart from your costume. E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive has saved me on a few occasions.

Tights/Hosiery: If your like a clean, smooth look, or even perhaps a lil sparkle, a good pair of flesh tone stockings would be a perfect touch to your costume. They’ll also provide a nice barrier to prevent chafing. I hear the Carnivalista brand comes highly rated.

Scotch Guard: Mas is mas, rain or shine, but will your costume and feathers survive? I wouldn’t chance it. A water repellant like Scotchguard Fabric & Upholstery Protectant helps to save your feathers if rains. Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant works pretty well too.

Rechargeable Battery: If you a true feteran, odds are you’ll probably be on the road all day. And your phone WILL die, I repeat it WILL die. Here’s where your rechargeable battery comes in handy. This one is a no-brainer, but also a very easy one to forget.

Fannypack: Backpack, thigh bag, wristlet; Whatever suits your style and will secure your phone and other essentials on the road. Ladies, I guarantee that costume wont have pockets.

Garment bag: Remember those feathers? If you’re planning on bringing them home, this will protect them on your travels. A large trash bag may work as well.

Waterproof Phone Case: Attending a Wet Fete? Beach Fete? Pool Party? Jouvert? … You get the point.

Face Jewels: Festival Face Jewels are a really cute way to add a lil extra glam to your look, especially for Carnival Monday & Tuesday. You can find these pre-designs, self-adhesive goodies on or at your local beauty supply store.

Sunglasses: Pack a few. And if you’re feeling fancy, feel add a few gems and embellish a pair to wear with your costume.

Sunscreen: No matter how melanated you may or may not be, sunburn is real. Trust me, I know. Be sure forget to pack this one. Some even come in with a glittered or bronzed tint.

Last Minute Tips:

  • Don’t forget to review your fete list. The last thing you want to do is show up to a Wet Fete not prepared to get wet. But all jokes aside, reviewing the event info will provide you with the type of event, venue, and any applicable details or themes to ensure that you are dressed and well-prepared for the occasion.

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