Voice International Soca Monarch 2017

Credit @NH Productions TT

Voice International Soca Monarch 2017

A shocking turn of events occurred tonight during the ISM finals. Unfortunately the issue occurred with the reigning International Soca Monarch champion. Voice performed at the International Soca Monarch 2017 and this is what happened. A major technical difficulty occurred. During Soca artiste Voice performance of “Far From Finished” The sound goes off for several minutes and doesn’t come on ! Voice was singing and the mic just goes out and music stops. Voice then goes to the back to see what’s going on. Voice was seen upset by his body reactions in his shadow. This will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in International Soca Monarch history.

Inspirational Voice

After a brief couple of minutes Voice comes back out. True bravery and determination was shown by Voice for coming out for a second time. There isn’t a lot of artistes that would have came out again. You can bet others would have just not come out again. Not Voice though, he came back out for his fans. One of the most inspiring and courageous acts seen at ISM ever. He then delivered an even more powerful performance than before. Fans were excited and started cheering him on.

The entire crowd started to sing the lyrics at the same time. The energy was at an all time high. Voice’s dancers started to come out. They began celebrating popping champagne bottles. Voice then said a quick thank you to his beloved fans and supporters. Then took off and left the stage. Everyone was waiting to hear the results for the winner. With this shocking turn of events happening. It would be interesting to see what the International Soca Monarch decides.

Voice Wins

Less than an hour the winner was announced. Voice wins the International Soca Monarach 2017 ! 2nd Orlando Octave, 3rd Devon Matthews, and 4th Iwer George. Making Voice win the award back to back. Even with the sound issues Voice still came out on top. Voice is a true champion and inspiration for everyone. Proving and showing to never give up. It was safe to say after the performance Voice was “Far From Finished”.