Soca Brainwash Heaven Ticket Scalping ?

Soca Brainwash Heaven ticket scalping ? Everyone was excited for the annual Trinidad Carnival Soca Brainwash event. Featuring DJ Private Ryan for Soca Brainwash Heaven. Private Ryan announced the event on his Instagram about four weeks ago. The announcement came right after Soca Brainwash Neon at Miami Carnival. Private Ryan announced the tickets would go on sale starting November 1st. TicketPal is the website that the tickets would be sold from. Soca fans worldwide could not wait to get their hands on the tickets. This is definitely going to be a featured fete for Trinidad Carnival 2016.

TicketPal Website Bad User Experience

Unfortunately when the day came to purchase tickets it wasn’t a pleasant experience. TicketPal delivered one of the worst experiences ever purchasing a ticket to the event. When you went to the website to buy the ticket you had to wait in line. Yes you heard that right wait in line to buy a ticket “online”. That is unheard of in today’s society with the current technology. People had to wait on the one ticket page for hours and hours. There was a timer that said you were in line but had thousands of people ahead. Also 2 or more hours to wait just to get 1 ticket. Therefore you literally had to stay on the exact page on the website and wait your turn. What’s even worse is that the people that actually waited still couldn’t get a ticket.

Even though they held their place in line after waiting for hours. A pop up came and said sorry all tickets are sold out. Soca Brainwash Heaven ticket scalping then started. Why not just list the quantity amount of tickets that are actually available ? Why not let everyone know how much tickets you actually have available so everyone knows what to expect. All the loyal fans that waited in spot got an update saying sold out. In regards to the issues DJ Private Ryan said on his Instagram.

“I would like to apologize to all persons who experienced difficulties trying to access the ticketpal website due to technical complications. Rest assured my team and I are taking measures to ensure that these issues do not recur in the future.” – DJ Private Ryan

Soca Brainwash Heaven Ticket Scalping Scandal

Ryan said due to the overwhelming amount of traffic to the website for the event. That was the reason for the server issues and technical difficulties. That is very hard to believe and if so very amateurish for a ticket gateway website. Websites for ticket sales such as and would never have these issues. For example how could Drake sell out an event through a gateway website with no user issues ? I’m sure the amount of traffic Drake send to a website doesn’t compare. TicketPal is only available in Caribbean countries majorly it seems from their website. They aren’t completely global and worldwide that’s a red flag.

Maybe this is all a ticket scalping scandal. People are saying that all over social media about the event. People are reselling the ticket for 2 or 3 times the normal amount. People seen prices such as $250 for one ticket to the event. Rings a bell if you recall the backlash about the Soca Brainwash Neon event. The people we’re complaining about ticket prices being 3 to 4 times the normal price to the event. There was a huge controversy online about the Soca Brainwash Neon event on social media as well. Who really knows what’s going on. Only the people on the inside knows the truth. Please share on social media and comment your thoughts. Let your voice be heard for the fans. The people deserve better than this for all the support and love over the years for the culture.

Fans Negative Feedback

Fans negative ticketpal experience



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