Sexiest Soca Artist Destra Garcia ?

Sexiest Soca Artist Destra Garcia

First of all is the Sexiest Soca artist Destra Garcia ? The Queen of Bacchanal Destra Garcia is know for her famous hits. Such as Lucy, I Dare You, Just A Little Bit, and more. Destra is a very successful artist in the Soca genre worldwide. It’s even safe to say the most successful female Soca artist ever. While you think Destra is taking a break from recording. She comes out with a hit track or riddim globally. Destra Garcia just released brand new track “Waistline Killer“. From the new riddim released Bashey Vybz. Look out for this riddim for the upcoming Trinidad Carnival 2017.

Destra Waistline Killer

Destra posted on her Instagram account, a picture of her for the Waistline Killer release. Let me tell you the picture has all the Soca junkies drooling. The image has started a buzz all over social media. Destra is seen posing in a photo shoot on the beach. She is looks beautiful and super sexy. Furthermore notice that bumpa is too real it’s dangerous. Which leads to bring up the conversation is Destra the sexiest in the industry ? If not who else would you compare that would be considered sexier ?

The Queen of Bacchanal would definitely be considered the most successful female in the industry. Destra brings her own style and flavor to her music and performances. She is definitely a fan favorite and has always been. Especially relevant support of all the women for years. She recently performed in Aruba and tore the stage up. Delivered an amazing performance and had the crowd energy up. It was definitely a site to see. If you haven’t seen Destra perform before it’s definitely a must see.

Who is the sexiest Soca artist ?

Who would you consider to be the sexiest Soca artist ? Male or female which one do you think ? Seems like Destra hands down after seeing her photo shoot image. Which male or female do you think done it better ? Drop your responses in the comment section and let’s compare. With Trinidad Carnival right around the corner this would be the perfect timing. Hope everyone has their tickets and arrangements made for Trinidad. We have a strong feeling this one is going to be one to remember.

Sexiest Soca Artist Destra Garcia