Nadia Batson Himaya Mas Costumes Revealed

Nadia Batson Himaya mas costumes was just announced online. On Monday September 5th at 8pm the costume line is now live. The Soca artist now has her own exclusive carnival costume line. Every year around carnival season time. Masqueraders get together in their beautiful costumes. Nadia has created a unique niche in the carnival costume industry. Carnival costumes have always been known to be sexy and flashy. Yet one common issue has been the size availability of the costumes. The fitting doesn’t transition well for all women sizes.

Nadia Batson Himaya Respect The Monday Look The Part

Therefore the issue sparked Nadia Batson’s interest to fill the void. Himaya has five design options to choose from. That caters to women needing a more comfortable fit. Nadia noted the options all comfort to a wider range of body types, allowing for everyone to feel good in the skin they’re in. “HIMAYA” translates to “The Empire” Batson said. Mas costume designer David Dewer teamed up with Nadia to create the carnival pieces. Furthermore this should be exciting news for masqueraders. Most of all look out for Himaya at the next upcoming carnival.

As a result of the Himaya release other artists might soon follow. Seems like Nadia might have started a movement for creativity to costumes. Furthermore Miami Carnival is right around the corner approaching. We probably might see the Himaya line behind the trucks. Hopefully this triggers more women in mas costumes. So now that there are more size options available for all. It would be a unique sight to see majority of women playing mas. Especially feeling comfortable in their own skin at the same time.

What’s next for Nadia Batson ? The popular Soca artist tracks is doing very well. Several of the popular Soca riddims currently features Nadia Batson. Who knows you might just run into Nadia Batson this upcoming carnival. Rocking her Himaya gear with her team of masqueraders ready to hit the road.