Miami Carnival 2016 Must Read Guide

How To Prepare for Miami Carnival 2016

Miami Carnival 2016 is right around the corner ! The wait is almost over and we can’t wait. All the festivities and events will be kicking off next week. Soca trucks, Mas bands, Carnival costumes, Soca artists, and more. Get yourself in gear and prepared early. Some words of advice don’t wait last minute to plan. It will be crucial to plan your events, hotel stay, and things your bringing. The last thing you want is to get to Miami and be unprepared. There will be a fete after fete from morning until night. Once one fete is done another one will be starting. Make sure you schedule and plan time to sleep between fetes.

Also stay hydrated with plenty of water. Your going to be pouring alcohol non stop. Be safe and get in touch with your friends and family. Therefore they know where to find you for emergency. Remember Miami Carnival is a marathon not a race. It would be a great idea to print out your tickets if able online. There’s going to be long lines and overcrowding in Miami Carnival. Anything that can help speed the process up for you is a plus. Just all focus on having an amazing experience for Miami Carnival 2016.

Planning Your Fete Events for Miami Carnival 2016

Plan your fete schedule ahead of time your mashing up. Wondering where all the events are and which events are going on ? Don’t worry has got you covered. Check out our Fete Calendar it has all the popular events. Also all information about the fetes with contact info to purchase tickets. Majority of tickets are sold out right now. Don’t stick, go ahead and get your tickets. Some events are not selling tickets at the door. There are some can’t miss events that’s going on ! Some of the popular events are the following. Block-O Mania, Soca Brainwash Neon, Carnival Kingdom Soca Insanity, Bajan Invasion, and I Love Soca.

Popular Songs For Miami Carnival 2016

As your warming up for the upcoming Carnival. Get your Soca 2017 playlist together. Some of the most popular songs you must have are. Good Morning, Calling In Sick, ID, Bad Habits, Bam Bam Back, just to name a few. In conclusion have a blast and get on bad. Mash up the place and make this Carnival a memorable one. Tag us at @FeteSoca or #FeteSoca with your pictures. We would love to see and reshare them. Follow us on our social media accounts and website to stay connected. Soca is going even more global than ever. The Monk aka Machel Montano is leading the movement. Take a look at the article about Machel Montano pushing Soca global.