Hurricane Matthew Didn’t Stop Miami Carnival 2016

Miami Carnival 2016 Meet Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is the strongest hurricane to hit Florida this year. Coincidentally the dangerous hurricane happened to fall on the week of Miami Carnival 2016. That didn’t stop the Soca fans and carnival fetes from continuing. Hurricane Matthew’s aggressiveness caused it to be labeled life threatening. Before reaching Florida Matthew did some serious damage in the Caribbean. Matthew caused serious damage in Haiti, Cuba, St Augustine, and more. Matthew was predicted to make landfall in Miami on Thursday October 6, 2016. A big downer for everyone that prepared for Miami Carnival all year. Promoters started canceling majority of the Soca events in Miami Carnival 2016. All due to the safety and precaution of the Soca fans.

Hurricane Matthew Reaches Miami

At the same time Matthew didn’t stop the crowd and attendance. The main Soca events going on was rescheduled for indoor venues. Big props to all the promoters for acting fast. By changing the venues to indoors helped avoid the weather. Even though a category four Hurricane was going on. That didn’t stop the fetes and Soca lovers. People still drove down and still attended the Soca parties. I guess it’s safe to say that Soca is life. Miami Carnival 2016 brought unity and togetherness this year. Even with the horrible circumstances the people still attended. That alone shows the love and passion for the yearly carnival.

The Road To Miami

Thank god under the circumstances there was no physical injuries. The appropriate precautions and safety measures needed to be taken. This Miami Carnival will go down in the record books. It will be remembered for Hurricane Matthew trying to stop the fete. More and more people are still heading down to Miami this weekend. All of the popular artists will be in attendance as well. Time to make a memory for Miami Carnival 2016. If Hurricane Matthew can’t stop the fete nothing will.