Bunji Garlin Honored With Keys to Arima

Bunji Garlin also know as “The Viking”, is now a keyholder for Arima. The artist was recently honored and acknowledged by Arima, Trinidad. Also was recognized for his contributions to the Borough. This was Arima’s 128th anniversary celebration event. Arima is the easternmost and second largest in area. It is considered to be the largest of the three boroughs. Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez his wife singer and songwriter was in attendance as well. The Soca artist accepted the key to the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima, presented by Mayor George Hadeed. He was chosen because of his commitment and patriotism to the Borough.

Bunji Garlin “The Viking”

Bunji Garlin grew up in Wallerfield and attend Arima North Secondary School. Mrs. Morris – Julien said students at the school look up to Bunji. As a result he has a lot of followers from there. Even the kids are saying  they’re hoping to be like him.

“It’s a huge honor, the last group to receive the keys were the indigenous people of Arima. It’s largely symbolic but Ian also got the crest, which is something only given to Mayor and council” said Mrs. Morris – Julien.

Bunji received a personally engraved key to the Borough and a ceremonial pin. The borough of Arima celebrates its 128th anniversary this year. Even Deputy Mayor Morris-Julien said Bunji Garlin often gives back to his hometown. This year he hosted a carnival children’s show in the borough free of charge to all in attendance. “He paid for everything out of pocket and he didn’t skim on the entertainment and the value,” she said.

Most of all this is just the beginning for Bunji. Therefore has yet to reach his full potential yet. Bunji has one of the most recognized tracks worldwide “Differentology”. As a result appeared all across the Caribbean and the United States. Who can forget the Viking mask Bunji wore in the popular music video. In conclusion watch out for whats coming next from Bunji Garlin.

Bunji Garlin received the keys to Arima